Why a "signature scent" is a terrible idea and what to do about it

Why a "signature scent" is a terrible idea and what to do about it

Years ago I thought it would be so cool to have a signature scent.  This way, when someone encountered the fragrance they would instantly think of me.  I was the mom of three small girls, so everything in my life was pink and smelled like cotton candy.  For like, 10 solid years everything was pink and smelled like cotton candy.  I chose a fragrance that appealed to me at the time.  Today, guess what it reminds me of?  Yup.  Pink.  And cotton candy.  This would be adorable except that I am now a working woman with teenagers.  I changed.  My scent did not.

This is not the only pitfall of the "signature scent".  The fine folks at Fabreeze did an incredible job of teaching this next point through their very entertaining advertising- nose blindness.  It is an actual scientific thing.  How it works against you in a signaure scent is this:  You love it, so you spray it on.  But you notice quickly that you can no longer smell it.  So you spritz again.  And again.  Soon friends across the continent can smell you.  You can't smell it but I guarantee that everyone else can.  And I mean everyone.  And they will remember you all right.  But probably not the way in which you intended.  

There's a third reason.  Sorry, but you've read this far so tuck in we're almost done.  The final reason is that some fragrances are better suited to occasions than others.  For example, let's not spray on a sexy floral oriental at 8am and then jump on the subway where you will smash yourself into the rest of humanity.  Floral orientals are heavy.  And strong.  They are the perfect choice for evening, yet are never going to win you friends in an office cubicle setting. 

Did you just finish up at the gym and want a little extra spritz of something to make sure you don't still smell like, well,  the gym?  Light, playful citrus or aquatic fragrances are great for daytime and will give you a hint of freshness to serve as insurance that you will be remembered in a good way.  

So where do you go from here? Create a scent wardrobe for yourself.  Select fragrances that you like, that make you happy, and that vary the notes just enough to prevent overuse.  

We adore you and we want the best for you, so it's with nothing but love that we say please please please, change it up already!  

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